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The Agricultural Engineering Division, directs the implementation of all Agricultural Enginnering Programs such as land preparation, maintenance of pre and post harvest equipment and technical assistance through modern crop farming technology. Land preparation refers to the use of Agricultural Farm Tractors using various farm implements such as disk ploughs, harrows and furrows. Aside from this, the division also take charge of the operation and maintenance of motorized corn shellers, mobile corn dryers, and automated grain dryers. All these can be availed free of charge by farmers engaged in yellow corn farming. Although those engange in planting other crops may also request the use of farm tractors with very minimal fees

Chairman: Roelito Cao Garcia

Vice Chairman ( Private Sector ): Macario Macalalad

Vice Chairman ( Government Sector ): Dr. Estelita G. Lacsamana

Auditor: Panfilo Cabatay

P.R.O.: Cosme Paz


Chairman – Committee on Food Crops: Juan Catapang

Chairman – Committee on Livestock and Feed Crops: Donato Evangelista

Chairman – Comittee on Fisheries and Aquatic Resources: Justino Bobadilla

Chairman – Committee on Agricultural Mechanization: Donato Evangelista

Chairman – Comittee on High-Value Crops: Artemio Acorda

Chairman – Comittee on Agri-Business: Agapito Delica


Members: Urbano Dimaano

    Diosdado Villanueva

Secretariat: Research Division