Agricultural Engineering Division

The Office of the City Veterinary and Agricultural Services (OCVAS) offers Farm Tractor Services to all Batangas City constituents for land cultivation purposes.

Below is the list of Farm Tractor Services Offered

a. Plowing

  •  Cuts and inverts the soil partially in large sizes and pulverize them
  •  Average estimated duration - 3 to 4 hours per hectare
  •  Offered during 1st Cropping, preferably from February to April

b. Harrowing

  •  Pulverizes the soil to attain better soil tilt for seed germination and growth
  •  Average estimated duration - 2 hours per hectare
  •  Offered during 1st and 2nd cropping as long as soil condition i suitable for harrowing, mainly April to June and September to November

c. Furrowing

  •  Makes ridges and beds for planting and trenches for irrigation and drainage purposes
  •  Average estimated duration - 1 hour per hectare
  •  Offered only when harrowing schedule is almost finished

Rental Fees - Php 300.00 per hour (Tax Code)

In order to avail the services one must pass all the needed requirements

List of Requirements Needed to Avail Farm Tractor Services

  1.  All Batangas City constituents can avail farm tractor services for land cultivation purposes.
  2.  Farm area must be located within Batangas City
  3.  Area shall be validated if suitable for land preparation
  4.  For Yellow Corn Sufficiency Program and Eggplant Production Program, he/she must be eligible member of Batangas City Yellow Corn Growers Associaation (BCY,Inc.) or Batangas City Eggplant Growers Association (BCEGA)
  5.  For those who will grow other crops like vegetables, he/she shall be enlisted in the masterlist of Crop Production Division.
  6.  Barangay clearance, if necessary

The Agricultural Engineering Division, directs the implementation of all Agricultural Enginnering Programs such as land preparation, maintenance of pre and post harvest equipment and technical assistance through modern crop farming technology. Land preparation refers to the use of Agricultural Farm Tractors using various farm implements such as disk ploughs, harrows and furrows. Aside from this, the division also take charge of the operation and maintenance of motorized corn shellers, mobile corn dryers, and automated grain dryers. All these can be availed free of charge by farmers engaged in yellow corn farming. Although those engange in planting other crops may also request the use of farm tractors with very minimal fees