Research and Development Communication Division

Chairman: Roelito Cao Garcia

Vice Chairman ( Private Sector ): Macario Macalalad

Vice Chairman ( Government Sector ): Dr. Estelita G. Lacsamana

Auditor: Panfilo Cabatay

P.R.O.: Cosme Paz


Chairman – Committee on Food Crops: Juan Catapang

Chairman – Committee on Livestock and Feed Crops: Donato Evangelista

Chairman – Comittee on Fisheries and Aquatic Resources: Justino Bobadilla

Chairman – Committee on Agricultural Mechanization: Donato Evangelista

Chairman – Comittee on High-Value Crops: Artemio Acorda

Chairman – Comittee on Agri-Business: Agapito Delica


Members: Urbano Dimaano

    Diosdado Villanueva

Secretariat: Research Division